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"2 comments about this add-on - it works and works well - the vendor provides excellent, excellent support" 

"This is seriously my favorite plugin. Emails without a subject now go right to the queue instead of bouncing. IThe developer is very responsive. This plugin pretty much fills all the holes we had with Jira mail handling. Great, great, great! Thank you!"

"This is a great plugin for emailing issues to clients - especially as it allows you to include comments on an issue and attach images. It's very simple to use and configure, and was definitely something we were missing from JIRA"

"Great plugin! Great and fast support! Recommended. The various settings in the backend could be a bit easier to administer, but other than that the plugin works like a charm - and lets us use JIRA as a fully working Support system for all our customers."

"This Add-On is a real time saver for me and my company. We used to have huge issues with our support tech creating issues and attaching all the relevant documents. Kudos to the developer(s) for adding so many useful features since we purchased the add-on."


JIRA Email This Issue (aka JETI) is our main plugin. It was first published in 2007. Since then it has become a very popular plugin with more than 15.000 downloads.


The main plugin documentation is available in this Confluence instance: Documentation

Find Email This Issue on Atlassian Marketplace.

A New Beginning

Till february 2012, JETI has not changed significantly since it was first published. We have incorporated few improvements, fixed bugs, it was always freely available with source code to anyone.

The constantly growing JETI community has imposed a new challenge on us. Questions, problems, feature requests were reaching us but we were unable to respond quick enough and to implement the feature requests we faced with.

After a long time having a bad taste in mouth because of feeling guilty, we have come to a conclusion. We realized we must commercialize JETI in order to:

  • keep our users satisified with the responsiveness of our support
  • provide them with new features
  • settle a safe future of JETI keeping compatibility with upcoming Jira versions

Therefore JETI has recently undergone a new beginning or rebirth. Many new, long-awaited features have been added, critical bugs have been fixed. Not only the internals have changed significantly, but the plugin's user interface has been completely rebrushed, a new logo and banner have been designed and even the email templates have been updated to comply with Jira notification emails.

The story does not end with JETI 5.0 being released. We have already started to work on the upcoming versions with many new features and improvements. According to our plans, JETI will support Atlassian Marketplace coming in Q2 2012.

We do hope JETI customers will feel much comfortable with the recent changes. We also aim at mobilizing the JETI user community by encouraging everyone to share ideas and feature request in JETI's issue tracker.


Our purpose was to keep JETI as cheap as possible and to keep pricing structure as simple as possible. 

Pricing information is available on the Atlassian Marketplace: https://marketplace.atlassian.com/plugins/com.metainf.jira.plugin.emailissue

How to Purchase Your License

Purchasing a license is extremely easy. We provide two methods of purchase (Atlassian Marketplace or direct purchase), please follow the instructions of the method you prefer.

Purchase from Atlassian Marketplace

Jira Email This Issue may be purchased through the Atlassian Marketplace.

This is our recommended purchase method. Atlassian Marketplace provides many benefits, reminders, evaluation and standard payment methods you are familiar with.

Purchase from Plugin Vendor

In this method you can purchase your license directly from us. We accept payment methods of bank transfer, PayPal and Credit Card via PayPal.

Not eligible for the Marketplace?

Atlassian Marketplace is currently available in Australia, European Union and USA.

If your company resides in none of these regions and you are interested in using this plugin, please contact us at info@meta-inf.hu

Purchasing License

By purchasing a new license:

  • you are entitled to perpetually use the software (renewing maintenanve is optional)
  • you are entitled to request support for 12 months
  • you are entitled to install free upgrades for 12 months
  • you agree with the End User License Agreement

Purchasing Maintenance Renewal

After the initial 12 months, you can renew you maintenance for half price. The renewal extends the license to use the plugin and as well as the maintenance (support and free upgrades) with additional 12 months.
If you decide not to renew your maintenance, you can still perpetually use the plugin but you will not be able to request support or install free upgrades. 


We provide support for JETI users with a valid maintenance period. We accept support requests our Service Management portal.

Working time is Monday-Friday, 09:00-17:00 GMT+1.

Our support covers the following services:

  • we help you solve issues with installation, configuration and use of the plugin
  • we advise you how your custom needs may be addressed
  • we inform you about the plugin road map, release information
What we do not do as a "support":
  • we do not guarantee to fix bugs immediately, but register and schedule them
  • we do not guarantee that we implement new features or changes immediately but consider them to be added in a future version 


How can I install the license key?

Atlassian Marketplace license keys are installed in Jira's Plugin Manager.

In case you received your license key from us, please follow the below steps to install the key:

  • Go to Administration->Plugins->Email This Issue Plugin->Configure.
  • Copy the license key from the file to the form and click Save
  • Verify that your license details are refreshed and correct
See details instructions in How to Install License Keys

How can I request support if I have a problem?

Please create support request in JETI's issue tracker service.

How can I report a bug?

Please create bug ticket in JETI's issue tracker service

How can I submit a feature request?

Please create a new feature issue in JETI's issue tracker service

Do you undertake customization of features?

Yes. Upon request we are ready to undertake customization of the plugin features. Such as implementing new functionality, developing email templates etc.

Customization is part of our consultancy service and is available on an hourly basis. Please contact us at  to find out more.