How to Install License Keys

There are two types of license keys provided for JETI:

Marketplace License Key

You obtain your marketplace license key by purchasing the license via the Atlassian Marketplace.

Marketplace license keys are sent to you by Atlassian. No interaction with the Vendor (META-INF) is required in order to receive your key.

Jira has a built-in Plugin Manager. Marketplace License Keys must be saved in Jira Plugin Manager.

JIRA UPM Upgrade

If the Jira Plugin Manager does not look similar to this, you may need to upgrade it first.

We generally recommend to upgrade Jira Universal Plugin Manager to the latest version.


Open Jira Plugin Manager

Find JETI in the Plugin Manager

Save Your Marketplace License Key


Vendor License Key

Before JETI was available in the Marketplace, we sold license keys directly to customers. These are called Vendor License Keys. 

Purchasing a vendor key, you must have interacted with us and you must have received your key in an email from us, the vendor.

If this is the case, you have a Vendor License Key that must be installed differently.

Find JETI in Jira Plugin Manager

Open JETI Configuration Screen

Save your Vendor License Key