Recipient Restrictions

Recipient Restrictions page can be used to impose restrictions on the recipients users may specify when sending manual or automated emails. Recipient Restrictions page can be accessed from the Administration tab of the Email This Issue Configuration page.

Restrictions on Project Roles, Groups and Custom Fields

Recipient restrictions allow you to hide certain recipient options from every screen where you can select recipients. E.g. if you select Project Roles here, you will not be able to add them as recipients in manual or automated emails. You can filter Project Roles, Groups or Custom Fields.

There are 2 ways to restrict recipients:

  • select the recipient categories in the picker which you want to filter out
  • enter one or more regexps in the text area. Put one expression in one line. The values (project role name, group name, custom field name or custom field id) which match the regexp will be filtered out.

Important to note: it does not mean that emails will not be sent to member of the selected roles. Same applies to Groups and Fields.

Recipient Blacklist and Whitelist

Using the powerful regular expressions, it is easy to limit to or exclude email addresses, email domains when sending emails.

Blacklisted recipients may be selected while you are composing the emails, but they will be filtered out during delivery.

Exclude External Recipients

To completely remove the possibility to send emails outside your Jira user base, enable this option. Even if email addresses are added to the emails, they will be filtered out during email delivery.