Outgoing Emails Documentation

Email This Issue for Jira Cloud is all about providing a seemless email experience to enrich the collaboration toolset of Jira Cloud. There are three ways to send emails using Email This Issue.

Manual Emails

Manual Emails may be sent using the The Email Button and the Email Screen that is available in the issue detail screen.

Without further ado, the default settings like email templates, SMTP server are available behind the scenes, so that you can send your emails right away.

However, if the default settings are not enough, you can define configuration sets called Manual Email Configuration that may override the defaults and allow you to fully customize how you want to send emails manually.

Event Notifications

Event Notifications may keep all stackholders or customers informed about the changes of the issues they are interested in.

Email Notification Schemes while applied to projects or issues, specify notification rules of event types, recipients and email content.

Conditional notifications are just a breeze to configure based on JQL and updated fields.

Workflow Post Function

Email This Issue Workflow post functions allow you to trigger emails from transitions of your workflows.

Sending emails from transitions may be a better alternative to event notifications. As specific operations (e.g. Request Approved) may not be precisely represented by generic event types like Issue Updated.