Email Audit Log

The Email Audit Log lists all outgoing and incoming emails that were sent or received and processed via Email This Issue. There are two types of email audit log: a global log and a log for each issue.

Global Email Audit Log

The Global Email Audit Log is accessible from the Emails / Email Audit Log menu. The global audit log may be searched and cleared by deleting the items in the current search.

The email details may be viewed by expanding the mail items on the log.

Emails Issue Tab

Email This Issue adds an issue tab, called Emails at the bottom of the View issue screens. The Emails issue tab lists all outgoing and incoming emails related the issue. Email details are available by expanding the mail items.

Displaying the status of the outgoing messages

In Email This Issue for Jira, emails are queued and delivered in batch. In the past, if an email could not be delivered successfully, end-users had no feedback on the failure (except for the admin, who could check the Error Queue manually). Now, by displaying the status of the outgoing emails both on the Emails tab of the Jira issue and in the Email Audit Log, regular users can also monitor the dispatch process and make sure if their message was sent in fact. If not, they can contact their Jira administrator to fix the issue and send the affected message(s) again via the “Resend” operation afterwards.

Status values include:

  • SUCCESSFUL : if the email was correctly sent via the corresponding Outgoing Connection

  • FAILED : if the email could not be sent via the corresponding Outgoing Connection and resulted in the Error Queue