Documentation Overview

Email This Issue for Jira Cloud is all about providing a seemless email experience to enrich the collaboration toolset of Jira Cloud. The documentation is divided into the below main parts.

The Email Button and the Email Screen

The Email Button is the entry point for users to manual emails. It opens the Email Screen that is a feature rich interface to help users compose emails quickly.

Incoming Emails (Mail Handler) Documentation 

Email This Issue for Jira Cloud is not only about sending emails but also to process incoming emails with powerful features like sending autoreply emails, executing workflow transitions and initializing issue fields.

Outgoing Emails Documentation

Email This Issue offers various ways to send emails manually and automatically via event notifications and workflow transitions. This part of the documentation explains how to configure all aspects.


Email This Issue comes with default settings that allows you to start sending emails quickly without too much of a hassle.

However, Administration pages allow administrators to configure technical aspects, permissions and monitor the internal status of the emails sent.