Fix issues with corrupt index state


Subtasks and linked issues cannot be deleted

Email This Issue version 8.1.1 introduced a bug which made impossible to delete subtasks and linked issues.

After a failed attempt, these issues were not deletable as their internal state was corrupt. It means these issues and subtasks were marked “deleted” but they were not removed from Jira.

They remained not deletable even after a downgrade of the app, hence this workaround was created.


The solution is to fix the issue state directly in the Jira database

  1. Backup your Jira instance

  2. Execute this SQL UPDATE statement in your Jira database

    1 update issue_version set DELETED = 'N' where DELETED ='Y' and ISSUE_ID in (Select ID from jiraissue);
  3. You may need to adapt the SQL statement to your database type.

Jira does not have to be shutdown neither to be reindexed.