Default Messages (Canned Responses)

Canned Responses are predefined response texts that allows you to quickly pick them when an email is being composed and sent.

Managing Canned Responses

Users can manage Responses in the Outgoing Mails>Email Content>Responses menu. When you click on add or edit an already existing Response, the Canned Response Editor dialog pops up. On the first step, you can fill some very basic details about the template

When you filled the fields, click on next button.

On the second screen you can see a field picker and an editor. In the editor you can enter the response body what will be used for html emails.

Field picker is useful if you want to insert a field from the issue. Just search for the field and click on "Add to template" button to insert code that renders the field to the cursor position. It's a shortcut to avoid entering the expression manually.

The third step is pretty much the same as the second one, except it contains a plain text editor which content will be used for plain text emails.

Categorizing Responses

Responses can be organized in categories. Putting Responses into categories allows the users to manage Response visibility in group instead of managing it one-by-one.

To put a Response into a category, just enter a category name in the Category field in first step of the Edit Response dialog and save it. You can type any name, it will be automatically converted to category.

Limit Responses in Manual Email Configurations

In Manual Email Configurations you can select which Response Categories you want to allow to use during email sending. To enable a category open the Manual Email Configuration editor and on the third step (Content Settings - WHAT), select the Response Categories you want to show. You can select more categories. To include the templates without category, select the "(Templates without Category)" item.

Pick a Response

Once you have created a Response, put it into the correct Category and configured the Manual Email Configuration to show the required categories, you can use the Response during email sending.

Click on the Email button on the top-right corner on the issue screen. The Manual Email Sending screen is shown and the Responses fields becomes visible. It's items are populated by the Responses which mach the selected Category: