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"Awesome plug-in. In-app notification is a must for project management tools. Plug-in perfectly fits that gap in Jira. Personal notification schemes and ability to subscribe to project and filters are essential tools for manager to be in sync with full project picture."

"We have been dying for this functionality... as an admin, I don't allow users to make bulk changes so this gives them a way to bulk manage their watches - and they are MUCH happier with the watch functionality now.


"Cool plugin. Customization of notification behaviour is very limited in JIRA since years. There is a huge need to improve it at this area. We will give it a try."

Have you ever felt miserable to set yourself a watcher of dozens of issues? Have you ever wanted to not miss any updates to issues of an important project? Have you ever been bothered by receiving bunches of notification emails and dreamed of being able to specify the events yourself you want to get notified on?

Have a chocolate. The relief is here. Bug Watcher with its key features not only addresses the above scenarios, but it fulfills more than 1500  user votes. See details below.

Watch Projects and Manage Project Watchers

Bug Watcher allows you to watch entire JIRA projects instead of individual issues. Just as if you did for issues, you can (if you're authorized to) add or remove project watchers easily. Read more on this.

Watch Filters

Bug Watcher allows you to watch issues matching your filters. If want to precisely define the set of issues to follow, create a filter or select one of you faviourite filters and start watching it. Read more on this.

Issue Watchers Custom Field

Bug Watcher allows you to manage issue watchers when creating or editing issues. Special watchers are supported. Read more on this.

Bulk (Un)Watch

Bug Watcher allows you to do bulk watch or bulk unwatch from the issues in your issue navigator. Read more on this.

Personal Notification Scheme

Bug Watcher allows you to overrule the notification schemes associated with your the JIRA projects. You can now specify on which events of your interest you want to get notification emails. Read more on this.

Indirect watches

Get notifications on changes made to linked issues and subtasks of the issues you are watching. This is useful if you do not want to miss important changes that may affect the issues you are following. Read more on this.

In-app notifications

Receive instant notifications within JIRA instead of emails. In-app notifications are non-obtrusive, persistent, easy-to-manage. Read more on this.

HipChat integration

Receive instant notifications in your HipChat Rooms instead of emails. Another way of reducing the number of emails is to redirect notifications to HipChat rooms.

Notifications delivered through HipChat rooms will reach everyone communicating via that chat room, will be persistent, searchable and trackable.

Example Use Case

Your project admin wants to make sure that notifications of key events of a project are delivered to all users working on the same project.

Instead of adding everyone as a watcher to all issues or project, the admin configures the JIRA project with a HipChat room and event types in Bug Watcher configuration screen.

As a result, notifications of key events will be broadcast to users of that HipChat Room forming a historical stack of events of the issues.

Eelease expected in Q3 2015.

Special Watchers

Manage non-JIRA users, project roles and gorups as project or filter watchers. Read more on this.

Plugin Configuration

Plugin license keys can be managed in the JIRA Plugin Manager or in the plugin configuration page that you can access from JIRA Plugin Manager clicking the Configure button.

Where to get it?

Bug Watcher is solely available via the Atlassian Marketplace. This is the easiest and quickest way of purchasing a license.