The Notifications tab contains information about:

  • All available System Events

  • Actors in the Notification Scheme

  • Notification Matrix

  • View by Events

  • View by Actors



Notification Overview

This sections shows:

  • The assigned Notification Scheme

  • Actors (number of roles which used in the notification scheme)

  • Events in the system


Notification Matrix

This sections shows:

  • All available System Events as rows

  • All available Actors (Users, Groups, Project Roles, etc...) as columns

  • Notification Matrix which displays  when an Actor notified for an Event on this project


View by Events

This sections shows:

  • Every Event as a row

  • Recipiets in the 2nd column, who will be notified


View by Actors

This sections shows:

  • Every Actor as a row

  • The Events when they get notifiend in the 2nd column