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Mail Handler configuration dialog has two tabs. On the first tab, general parameters can be configured.

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Important settings

  • Set the linked account from the available Mail Accounts
  • Set the Default reporter to any valid user as a fallback, when the user can not be determined by the From address. By default, there is no fallback user and processing will be aborted if no user can be found by the From address
  • Set Catch email to configure the email addresses or regular expressions that should match with the To/CC/BCC address. By default, it is disabled
    • If it is set to Equals to any of the following addresses, then emails will be processed only if the To/CC/BCC address of the email equals to any of the specified email addresses.
      For example, if you have a mailbox with aliases and and you want to process only emails sent to or (not, then add two lines in the appearing text area:
    • If it is set to Matches any of the following regexps, then emails will be processed only if the To/CC/BCC address of the email matches with any of the specified regular expressions.
      For example, if you have a mailbox with addresses and want to process email that are sent to addresses starting with support, then add this line in the appearing text area (note that dot is escaped before .com):
  • Filters are used during mail fetch. If a mail is filtered by these filters, it will not be enqueued for processing.
    • Filter auto reply emails: Filters auto reply emails. All emails which have the header "Auto-Submitted" with a value other than no, will be considered as auto reply and will be filtered out if this filter is enabled
    • Filter bulk emails: Filters bulk emails. It checks whether the Precedence header with the value "bulk" is set in the email.
    • Filter delivery status notifications: Filters delivery status notification emails. This wilter checks if the content type is multipart/report and contains "report-type=delivery:status"
    • Filter mails sent from JIRA: Filters emails sent from a Jira or JETIC instance. It checks the presence of X-JIRA-Fingerprint and X-JETI-Fingerprint headers and filters the email if any of them is present.

After general settings are configured, switch to the second tab (Rules and actions) to set up the mail handler actions that should executed during processing the incoming mail