Mail Handlers

Next Generation of Mail HandlersClassic Mail Handlers

Next Gen Mail Handlers is a new breed that comes along with Email This Issue's Mail Account management.

Handlers of this type are composed of building blocks (actions). It takes algorithmic thinking to build up these handlers but they are ultimately simpler and more flexible.

Classic Mail Handlers are legacy handlers that have been available in Email This Issue for many years.

Handlers of this type follow the traditional ways of configuration: you have a bunch of fields and options in a single entity to configure the behavior of the handler.

12 reasons why you should use the Next Gen Handlers

FeatureNext Gen HandlersClassic Handlers
1Supports Jira Service Management, Jira Software and Jira Core
2Field initialization from emails
3Executing workflow transitions
4Custom issue lookup
5Email filtering
6Conditional processing
7Attachment filtering
8Multiple incoming mail accounts
9Ease of Configuration
10Ease of Troubleshooting

11Ease of Learning
12Future proof (Long-Term Support)