💡 Concept & Motivation

Motivation and Goals

Glass Project Documentation solves 3 main problems with Jira Project Configurations:







Education - for Newcomers

Helps (new) users to quickly catch up with (new) Jira Projects.

  • Enthusiastic users

  • Increased productivity

  • Easier communication with Administrators

Control - for Admins

Helps Jira administrators to quickly validate Project Schemes and other Settings.

  • Less administrative mistakes

  • Easier cooperation for instances with multiple Administrators

  • Easier communication with Users

Process Documentation - for Audits

Creates an always up-to-date Project Configuration Documentation for every project in seconds.

  • Saves lot of time and wasted effort

  • Makes documentation up-to-date all the time

  • Pretty formatted, easy to understand


To reach our goals, we created an addon that provides tons of information for not only the Jira administrators, but average users as well. The information accessible for users owned the Glass View permission.

This means Administrators can "open" most of the projects for wide audience, while sensitve projects can be kept hidden via Permission Schemes.