Glass Documentation 3.0.0

Released on Apr 1, 2021 , available from Atlassian Marketplace .

Released Features in 3.0.0

This is our biggest release so far!


Completely Revamped User Experience

Glass has been completely rebuilt, improved the complete UI and user experience (changed AUI to Atlaskit)

Introducing Glass Information Cards

Added color-coded Information Cards to ensure quick overview of different type of project settings

Introducing Spotlight

Introduced Spotlight on first use to support new users

Transition details became much prettier

The content is unchanged, but custom actions are highlighted in every row

Exporting to Confluence became much easier

Added searchable drop-downs to Confluence Export to make sure you export to the right place

Workflow images in export

Added workflow images to PDF & Confluence export on server / data center

Browse Group Members in Glass

  • On People tab groups can be opened and browsed

  • Group members can be searched

Added Glass Introduction menu

Added an educational menu where new users can easier learn basic Jira terms and find more content online

Translated to 8 languages

From now, the following languages are natively supported:

  • - Deutsch

  • / - English

  • - español

  • - français

  • - magyar

  • - italiano

  • - polski

  • - русский

Introducing Glass Documentation for Cloud cloud

Glass Documentation for Cloud is currently under Atlassian review, will be publicly available soon!


Differences in Server/Data Center and Cloud

Glass Documentation for Cloud was built to have the same features as Server/Data Center vesion, but there are some differences because of Atlassian limitations and the nature of the different platforms.

Features available in the Cloud version

Limitation in the Cloud version compared to Server/Data Center

  • Workflow images can not be shown, neither exported, but transitions are listed (Limitation by Atlassian)

  • Conditions, Validators and Post Functions are not available in a readable format, but marked as Custom (Limitation by Atlassian)


  • Added direct link to every page, you can now copy paste your exact location in Glass

  • PDF and Confluence Export provide more content with Evaluation license, but also censoring texts randomly to avoid Evaluation abuse but exporting a better result

  • PDF and Confluence Export does not include “Current User” anymore

  • Inactive/Deleted users in the project are handled better from now

  • Better visualization for Components and Default Assignee

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