Why should you create Jira Project Documentations?

Should you have a Jira Project Documentation? Why? How detailed should it be? How regular should you update it? Many questions pop up, let's try to invetigate the question from different perspectives.

Administrator Perspective

If you are a single Jira Administrator at your company, your knowledge about the Configurations on Jira Instance might be one of the most underrated treasure company-wide. Just think about the well-organized Project Schemes, the perfectly planned (and reused) Custom Fields, and the well configured System Dashboard. Don’t even talk about the tiny scripts that makes your project’s users happy every day. There are many hidden values in the configuration that you created, and you are the single person who knows about them.

But what happens if there are multiple Jira Administrators in the company? You start to create redundant custom fields, you might start to implement the same scripts parallel. Suddenly you want to send and receive information to the other Administrator about the Project you just configured. But creating this Project Documentation is really time consuming, you have several other tasks to do. To be honest, you have no time for this, and you don’t even enjoy doing this. Also, you need to keep your Documentation updated, otherwise it becomes useless very soon.

Now imagine that you can create this documentation with only 1 click on the project sidebar:

You don’t need to waste any time on Documenting a Jira project, with Glass Project Documentation for Jira you can generate this real-time!

Simple User Perspective

Now bring back your first experience with Jira. Probably some manager or coworker told you something like this: “Here is this Jira thing, we work here, we press this create button, click on this field, and oh… wait a second, there should be a Bug in this row, but it's not here. Wierd, let me ask someone why it's different for you”. And here we are at the problem. As a Simple User we have absolutely no clue about Jira, especially not about the configurations like Workflows, Post Functions, Permissions and so on.

You have a natural need for some kind of documentation about the system. This should include up-to-date information about your issue types, coworkers and your possibilities (permissions) in the selected project.

That's why we implemented several educational infoboxes, organized the project data in the most user-friendly way, and made it available without administrator access.


And finally, some companies have no choice, they need to create and maintain Process Documentation for audit reasons. As Glass generates Documentation real-time, it can be pretty useful for audit reasons as well. Also if there are more sensitive projects in terms of configuration details, you can always control access for Glass Documentation on Project level with a custom Project Permission.


No matter which role you are in (Jira Administrator, Simple User or Responsible for Audit), with Glass Project Documentation for Jira you can:

  • Have an up to date Project Configuration Documentation

  • Save time - generate with 1 click

  • Save money - always there, no need to update

  • Let your Admins do more valuable work

  • Educate and inform your Simple Users

  • Finally understand any project very quickly

Don't hesitate, try Glass for Free!