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Removing the Classic Mail Handler

The classic mail handler will be removed from our app by the end of this year.
For more information please refer to this article.

Features - Tutorials

What is Jira Email This Issue a.k.a JETI?

JETI is a Jira add-on that allows you to send issues in emails to anyone, anytime, with format and content you like.

It is a tiny email client running within Jira. You don't have to leave the context of Jira to send issues in email to customers, developers, or anyone. 
Also with JETI's extension to Jira Mail Handlers, you can process incoming emails from customers, external users, or anyone easily.

A bit of history

JETI was originally designed to address this feature request fulfilling large amount of user votes.

Since its first relase in 2007, it was free up to version 5.0 relased in February 2012. 5.0 is a new beginning of this add-on. Not only because it has turned into a reasonably priced commercial add-on. This swift has derived from the demand of our users. We wanted to guarantee JETI survives and evolves on a long-term.

The past years have proven that this turn was successful. JETI has flourished rapidly and is more popular than ever. It is used by over 5500 organisations worldwide, from small ones to enterprise giants in many scenarios.

Hereby we thank our customers for their trust, patience, loyalty and feedbacks.

When to use JETI?

JETI is ideal in Helpdesk or Service Management scenarios, when you have to be in touch with many customers or JIRA users and react on emails sent to JIRA, notify users or external non-JIRA users when issues reach a certain status.

Who uses JETI?

Companies, organisations from small ones to enterprise giants use JETI daily in various ways. 


  1. Email Button and Email Screen: send emails with issue details to email addresses outside Jira, to assignee, reporter and watchers, recipients in custom fields
  2. Workflow post-function: automate sending emails on issue transitions, use comment entered during the workflow transition as the body of the email sent by the plugin
  3. Event Notifications: automate sending emails on all issue events, such as Issue Created, Update, Assigned, Resolved, etc.
  4. Email Issue Filters: send multiple emails in one step for issues in your issue navigator
  5. Mail Handlers: send automatic auto-reply emails to senders of incoming emails, auto-replies can be fully customized and the sender's email address is saved to a custom field
    1. Custom Issue field initialization from email
    2. Cusotm Issue lookup strategy
  6. Email Templates: develop your custom email templates easily in the embedded template editor, start templates from default Jira templates
  7. General Configuration: JETI comes with an easy-to-use configuration screen to allow admins easily control every aspect
  8. Attachments: attach issue attachments to the outgoing email
  9. Security: control who can invoke the issue or bulk operation through project roles, user groups, see Permissions in General Configuration
  10. *Issue comments": a comment is created reflecting the event of sending an email (body, recipients, etc), comments can be added to the emails and be added to the body of the emails
  11. General Configuration: JETI can fire an event of your choice for each email that is sent, with events you can better track who and when sends out emails using JETI,
  12. i18n-enabled: the plugin can be translated, it is currently available in English, German, French, Polish, Russian, Italian (from version 1.7 onwards) and Hungarian.
  13. Sender email address: you can set yourself as reply-to or sender of the email rectifying a shortcoming in Jira, see email options in General Configuration
  14. Watchers: email recipients are added to watchers on demand, see email options in General Configuration
  15. Custom fields: users and groups or email addresses stored in custom fields may be used as recipients
  16. email options: numerous email options are available, you can set global defaults and allow users to set their preferences
  17. Email Audit Log and JQL Functions to search for issues against the audit log

Installation and upgrade

Open Jira's plugin manager, and in the "Find new add-ons" section search for "Email this issue" and select Buy or Try.

Alternatively, you can start from the Atlassian Marketplace page of JETI

License key

Email This Issue Plugin is commercial from version 5.0 and above. Versions up to 1.9.2 are free and open source. 
The reasons why JETI has become commercial are explained on the JETI pricing and purchase page.

Therefore in order to use JETI 5.0 and upwards, you will have to purchase a license key. Without the license key, the plugin will not be usable.
You can obtain an evaluation key or purchase a commercial key.

Here is a detailed description on how to install the license key: How to Install License Keys

Velocity Context

See details in Velocity Context in Email Rendering

Tracking the emails sent using JETI

For each email JETI sends out a comment is added to the issue and/or an Issue Event is fired.

The comment includes recipients' email address, email subject, list of attachments and the email body.

Comments are created using Velocity templates. There is a template for text based comments (templates/emailissue/comment/text/email-this-issue-comment.vm) and one for wiki markup comments (templates/emailissue/comment/wiki/email-this-issue-comment.vm) bundled in the plugin jar. You can easily customize them to create a format you like.

Alternatively, you can configure JETI with an issue event that is fired for each email. This way you can get emails upon emails sent via JETI.


JETI is fully i18n-enabled (well, almost fully but we are completing it). Currently available languages are English, German, Russian, French, Polish, Italian and Hungarian.

Improvements of translations and support for new languages are rewarded. See details here: JETI Translation are Rewarded


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