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  1. Project: select the project you configured your Context for (Helpdesk). You can leave Project empty to use this context for all projects.
  2. Issue Type: select the type you configured above (Request). You can leave issue type empty, to use this context for all issue types.
  3. Template: select the template you created above (Helpdesk template)
  4. Notification template: select the notification you created above (Helpdesk Notifications).
  5. External Watchers Field: select the field you created for your Mail Handler, called External Participants.
  6. Sender Name Pattern: enter a name that appears in the emails as the sender, you can leave it empty.
  7. From Email Address: enter the email address you created for your mail handler (


Congratulations, You are done. Your basic email support system is place and is ready to serve you.

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This tutorial explains the steps you need to follow in order to set up a typical email help desk using Email This Issue without JIRA Service Management.

Use Case

The below tutorial covers the following use case:

  • external customer reports a ticket via email, a new issue is created from email
  • service management user requests more information form the customer by commenting the issue, customer is notified
  • customer replies to the email, the issue is commented, old content from the email is stripped out
  • service management user resolves and closes the issue, customer is notified.

Step-by-step guide

There two major aspects you must configure to implement the above use case:

  • Mail Handler
  • Event Notifications

Configure Mail Handler to Process Emails


  1. Name: give a descriptive name, like "MyCompany Support Handler"
  2. Server: select the email account you configured above
  3. Handler: select Email This Issue Mail Handler
  4. Project: select the project in which you want to track your ticket, let's say the project is: Helpdesk
  5. Issue Type Select the type you want to use to represent a ticket, e.g. Request
  6. Specify a default reporter: a user who has Create Issue and Add Comment permissions in the project
  7. Leave other settings with the default value


In Split Regex, enter

No Format
/From: |___.|On .wrote:|----Orig.|On .(JIRA)./


At the end, your Mail Handler Context should look like this:

Image Removed

You have now prepared Email This Issue to process incoming support emails.

See more details on Mail Handlers.

Configure Event Notifications


  1. Leave the JQL filter empty now
  2. In the dropdown of Recipients (To), select the fields External Participants, Internal Participants.
  3. Add users and/or email addresses
  4. Configure Copy Recipients and Blind Copy Recipients (must be enabled separately) according to your needs
  5. In Content, enter your email subject and body according to your needs. These values will be combined with the Template to build the emails content and layout.
  6. Also select an attachment rule, to specify how attachments should be (or should not be) added to the email
  7. In Options, select HTML email type and other options as you whish.



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