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  • can be edited using the build-in Rich Text Editor or directly as HTML
  • can be fully customized as their layout and look-and-feel is not wrapped in Jira Velocity Macros
  • dedicated Themes are available for Service Desk Management Customer Notifications

Email Template Themes


  • Themes are based on Email This Issue's macro library
  • Templates made of Themes can be edited in the Rich Text Template Editor
  • Templates made of Themes are better tailored for Service Desk Service Management 

The following Themes are available in Email This Issue:

All DetailsRenders all issue fields including all custom fields defined for the issue and all issue comments
Issue CommentedPrepared for Issue Commented notifications
Issue ModifiedPrepared for Issue Updated notifications, renders the changelog and comment entered
Work LoggedPrepared for Worklog related notifications, renders the workflog and comment
Service Desk Management Customer InvitationPrepared for Service deskManagement, when customers are created automatically by Email This Issue
Service Desk Management Auto AcknowledgePrepared for Service desk Management to send auto response emails
Service Desk Management Request Participant AddedPrepared for Service deskManagement, when participants are adde to a request
Service Desk Management Request CreatedPrepared for Service desk Management customer notifications, when requests are created
Service Desk Service Management Request UpdatedPrepared for Service desk Management customer notifications, when requests are modifed
Service Desk Management Request ResolvedPrepared for Service desk Management customer notifications, when requests are resolved
Service Desk Service Management Request ReopenedPrepared for Service desk Management customer notifications, when requests are reopened
Service Desk Service Management Request CommentedPrepared for Service desk Service Management customer notifications, when requests are commented with a public comment
EmptyGeneral purpose minimal template
Issue ListPrepared to send issue lists in a single email from the Issue Navigator.
Bounce EmailTemplates created from this theme may be used to bounce back incoming emails.


  • Email Fields: mail body the user enters and mail subject the user enters manually
  • Issue Fields: all standard issue attributes
  • Custom Fields: all custom fields

Preview Templates in the Editor

titleSince version 8.0.4

Previewing templates right in the template editor is now available. This simple addition accelerates template development by an order of magnitude.

While developing your template body, simple press F9. This is a keyboard shortcut you can always type while editing your template. The keyboard shortcut will either open the preview detail tab of the editor and request you to enter an issue key (only once) or open the preview result immediately.

To enter the issue key once is necessary. The template preview result will be generated using the fields and details of the issue you specify. The issue key needs to be entered only once and it is preserved in the screen.

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If the issue key has been entered, subsequently pressing the F9 key, will immediately open the preview dialog:

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To close the dialog simply press again the F9 key or the Esc key.

To further improve efficiency, the preview automatically detects which part of the template you are editing. If you are editing the Html body, the preview will open to show the Html format of the template, while pressing F9 editing the Text body, will generate the Text output of the template to preview.

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Test Templates

Once you developed your template, it is wise to test it before you start to use it in you projects. Select the "Test" operation from the template list (see first screenshot above).