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titleSince version 8.0

The Incoming Mail Log provides insights to the internals internal statuses of the mail handlers. You can access the Incoming Mail Log from the app's administration page.

Log Details

By opening the log, the following details are shown:

From Address / Reporter
the sender of the email or the reporter of the issue related to the email
the email's subject
when the log was created
: the

category of


actions that generated the log

, values are


  • Filter emails: the log reflects why the email was filtered from being processed.
  • Process emails: the log reflects how the email was processed

result of


actions that the


mail handler has taken

, values are


  • Skipped: when emails are filtered out
  • Succeeded: when emails
  • have been processed successfully
  • Error: when processing emails resulted in an error

By expanding the log items you can reveal more details:

  • Message ID: this is in extracted from the MESSAGE-ID header of the email that was processed
  • Execution ID: this is a unique identifier of the course of actions related to this email
  • Log: this is the detailed set of steps the mail handler has done or the reason why the email was filtered out.

Remove Items from the Log

Mail Entries of the Mail Handler log is permanent are permanently stored in the database, this is a kind of risk to increase . This poses a risk of increasing the size of the database dramatically.

To prevent this you can remove items in three entries from the log in one of the following ways:

schedule an automatic purge process to bulk remove items manually remove multiple log items

Delete a Single Log Item


single log
single log

You can use the Delete menu button to remove a single item from the log.:

Manual Purge
manual log
manual log

To remove items multiple entries manually, click on the "Configure Purge" button in the page. This opens a form where the relevant field is   Items to remove. This allows you to select the age of the log details entries to remove. Options include details emails older than 1 month, 3 months, 6 months.:

Image Added

To actually remove the log detailsmail items, click the  Purge Items Permanently  button.Image Removed


Do not click on Save Settings if you do not want to schedule an automatic purge.

Automatic Purge
auto log
auto log

To remove items automatically, click on the "Configure Purge" button in the page.

This opens a form where there are two relevant fields to set are:

  • Hours Hour to start at: specifies when the purge job is started carried out every day
  • Items to remove:   field allows you to select the age of the mail items to remove. Options include emails older than 1 month, 3 months, 6 months.

To schedule the job, click   Save Settings.

Search the Log

As the Incoming Mail Log may grow fast, you can use the search function to find particular items a search function is available. Click the Search button (marked with a magnifier icon) to open the search form.:

The available search fields are as follows

Search for

free-text search over the sender, message id, log text and email subject

Time range
search for items added in the last X days
search for items of the selected Category
: search
search for items of the selected Result
Show maximum
maximum number of items to show

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