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Email This Issue used to send the same email to all recipients. This had lots of advantages from collaboration to reducing load on Jira and your mail servers. However a drawback of this is that it is not possible to send personalized emails or emails in languages set in the recipient's user profile.

Bad times are over now. With a tiny option in the Contexts called "Send individual emails" you can change this and make JETI send separate emails to each individual recipient.

Personalize the Email Content

By setting the above option, a new variable $!currentRecipient is available in the template. This makes it possible to:

  • Greet your recipients even more friendlier like Hi $!currentRecipient.displayName becomes "Hi John Smith"
  • Add user properties of the current recipient like his/her phone number: $!userPropertyManager.getPropertySet($!currentRecipient).getString("")
  • (To be developed soon) Send emails in the language of the recipient's preference.

Email Log



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