How to send attachments in create issue notification


I am trying to setup the following workflow:

  • user sends support request by mail (may include attachments)

  • JETI receives the mail

    • creates ticket

    • acknowledges user

    • informs team by sending email which contains the original request and the original attachments

I have managed to include the original request in the (when enabling JEditor even the formatting of HTML is retained). However, I failed to include the attachments of the original email into the notification mail. I tried the following:

  • sending the acknowledge mail also to the team (never includes attachments)

  • notification bound to the issue created event, sends mail but never includes the attachments

  • adding a post function to the create event, sends mail but never includes the attachments

I have tried the setting all and Attached in transition for the add attachments to email setting. Neither has worked for me.

Can you please tell me what I need to do to setup the desired workflow?

The reason for the desired workflow is that some team members are travelling a lot and they want to answer the tickets by replying to the JIRA notifications so that the answer is stored in JIRA and sent by email to our user. However, if the attachments are not included in the notification they may not get all the required information. Automatically forwarding the original email would be possible, but in this case every team gets two emails for one support request and everyone needs to make sure that she replies to the right email. Therefore, I need to create a notification email which includes the attachments.


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